Monday, April 27, 2020

7 ways to make extra money online during social distancing

Okay, Are you bored in the house and are in the house bored? 
Well you know what’s worse than being bored? Being bored and broke honey! So here are a few ways to make some extra cash while you are at home during this crazy pandemic. 

1. Rakuten
Cash back websites such as Rakuten actually really does work! You can use Rakuten when you shop online and you will receive a percentage of your purchase back in cash. It’s a really easy way to make money but it can take time to accumulate. Also, if you are not shopping online as much as you used to (which is totally understandable) it might take a little longer. 

2. Fiverr
Fiverr is an online, freelance marketplace with many diverse jobs and services. All you have to do is simply create an account, become a seller and share your services. Depending on your skill set you can earn a lot of money. You can make logos, create websites, proofread texts, do some translating… the possibilities are endless! 

3. Create an ebook 
If you are naturally gifted with words, you should really consider writing an ebook. Obviously, it is time-consuming to write but it will forever be a passive income for you in the future. I mean think about it. You write a text once and let it sit on the internet at a reasonable price and sit back and collect. I would recommend for optimal traffic to your ebook you should use social media to promote it and have your close friends and family share your work. Before we move on to the next section it is important to remember a few keywords, “gifted with words”.

4.Create an online course 
Do you know something that we don’t? Maybe it’s time to create an online course with all this knowledge of yours! You can use platforms like Udemy, Skillshare, YouTube and plenty others to share it with the world. This is also another great time investment that turns into residual income forever while you let it sit on the internet, or for a while at least!

5. Sell your clothes online 
The easiest way to make money from the comfort of your home is to sell your clothes, shoes and accessories online. I’ve been selling my clothes on the Poshmark app for a few months now and I’ve made hundreds of dollars already. And you can literally start right now! All you need is a mobile device, some used boxes or shipping bags and a printer(for your shipping labels)!

6. Affiliate links 
Affiliate links are one of the main ways that I make money with my platforms, (YouTube, Instagram and my blog) but you don't need a crazy huge following to start make money with affiliate links. Obviously, the larger your following the easier it will be to make larger sums of money. However, you can definitely start at any time. My favorite affiliated platform is Magiclinks. 

7. Start a blog, Youtube channel or a podcast 
This is a long shot but here is the vision. I am not saying this is easy money but it could very possibly become a great source of income if you have a niche and grow a big platform. I also made a blog post a year ago about 4 different ways to make money with YouTube or your blog. It’s a great quick read if you already have a channel or a blog site. Now if I may humbly share a few words of wisdom here. Number one quality of content is key, two consistency is important as you start growing a following. This could be posting daily, weekly or bi-weekly but it must be consistent. Finally, choose topics you genuinely enjoy talking about and sharing with people. It will make this experience and journey a lot more enjoyable!

If you are in a rough spot financially, I suggest checking to see what the government of your country is currently doing to help. If you have loans you can always contact your bank to see if they could offer you a deferral plan for your mortgage or reduce your interest rates on credit cards. I pray that everyone is staying safe and sane during this time of confinement. Take care of yourselves and others. 

On that note, 
Au Revoir, Bisous Bisous, 
Sophia Tim 


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