Friday, September 15, 2017

4 Ways to Make Money With Your Youtube Channel!

George Burns said it best, "Don’t stay in bed unless you can make money in bed."

In this article I am giving you four ways that you can make money using your YouTube platform. Making money on YouTube should never be your main focus when creating content, but it's always pleasant to be able to generate an income doing something you truly enjoy. 

1.The AdSense revenue: 
This should not be your only source of revenue, because it might have worked before for the Youtuber of 2010, but now it is definitely more like an rumor, or a tell. Not a lot of money can be made with AdSense revenue except if you have a lot of views. But you should not neglect any type of income. Especially if you are considering doing this as a full time job. 

Please note that  a Youtube content creators can only monetize their videos when they've hit 10, 000 lifetime views on their channel.

How does AdSense work? 

So basically, whenever one of your viewers clicks on an ad on your YouTube channel or on one of your videos, the advertisement is charged and you get a portion of the money that is paid google. 

How to increase this amount. 
The beauty about AdSense is once its activated on your channel, you don’t have to do anything else besides what you're already passionate about. Create content, engage with your audience and have fun. The more videos you have the better, the more engagement you have, the more money you make. 

What sucks about AdSense
You can’t really gage how much you will make per month, it’s a life of uncertainty. Oh well it’s more fun this way... Isn't it?

2.Affiliate links 
Affiliation tools allow you to create product links to share with your fans across your social media platforms to generate revenue anywhere where you could place a link. So it is not only restricted to YouTube. You can also use them on blogs, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, YOU NAME IT!…  You can earn commission through the total number of clicks (as usual a couple of pennies) or with a sale when your link was used in order to direct the customer to the website. The sales portion can be very interesting, depending of the commission rates that certain companies offer. Some even offer up to 20%. 

My all time favorite affiliation and quite frankly the only one I use is MagicLink. I just think it is a lot easier to manage to only having one to deal with and I really love the layout of the website. You should definitely check it out!

You can also become a direct affiliate with certain companies. This can be an awesome way to get noticed by them also. So go to any website and scroll all the way down to the bottom of their page and there you should find a link letting you become a affiliate partner with them. 

How to increase your revenue using affiliate links
If you are genuine about a product, a piece of clothing, or makeup, people will feel and sense your authenticity. With that people will want to buy the same things you are purchasing. Don’t forget to mention that the links are available in your description box, or anywhere else where it could possibly be  available. Then, grow your channel, grow your audience, engage with people, and answer their questions about the different products. 

Don’t be fake! Don’t recommend a product just because you want to make money, that’s just.... Non  

Don’t do that to your loyal subscribers, even if making money is awesome, your subscribers should always be your main priority. 

Anything else to know about affiliate links? 
Very important that you mention that your links are affiliate links. Transparency is key. You don't necessarily have to mention it in the video, most people mention it in the description box.

3.Sponsored videos
Sponsored video have got to be the best way to make money on YouTube. The downside? Most viewers HATE sponsored content. Why? Well, because people can feel how not sincere  they are most of the time. They can hear the lies in your voice when you are saying it’s your favorite product. Solution: Don't lie! Voilà

Let’s talk about how it works. Companies reach out to a youtuber to endorse a product. The youtuber get paid pretty easy huh? 

What sucks about it?
As usual sponsored opportunities comes with a lot of restriction. You have to say this or mention that and must have the video up by specific deadlines. They have to approve your work and they have the final say on what you can or can't create. So for a content creator as usual it’s not ideal since the best part of being a content creator is the freedom. Plus, as usual more work has to be put into these types videos and the reality is that you typically have less engagement on them. 

Don’t: Don’t promote the newest rice cooker if you have a beauty channel. 

4. Merchandising
If you have a pretty good following selling merchandise such as t-shirt, prints, mugs , socks or anything you can possibly think of is a good idea. Be sure that your merchandise relates to your brand. Please do something a little more creative than just writing the name of your YouTube channel in a Times Roman font on a white t-shirt and then sell it for 39.00$. 

What sucks about merchandising? 
Well, you might invest in a bunch of merchandise that doesn’t sell and there’s nothing more horrible than being stuck with a closet full of unsold items that remind you of your past failures. 

I hope this post helps you take you YouTube earnings to the next level. If there are more ways to make money that I did not mention in this article please share it with us down below. Remember you should create content because you truly love doing and only because its a great source of income.

On that note.. Aurevoir Bisous Bisous 
Sophia Tim 
Pardon the french girl



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