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The best tools for YouTubers

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As someone who has been on YouTube for a while I can tell you that it's a lot easier to create great engaging content when you have the right tools! In this article, we’re going to look at some awesome tools for YouTubers and how they can help you grow your channel and create better videos moving forward.


Thumbnails can make or break your videos. Seriously! It's the first thing your potential audience will see, so it's important to take time to create the best thumbnail possible. This will definitely help your click-through rate. By that I mean when someone sees your thumbnail the chances of them clicking on it to watch your video.

Picmonkey is a web-based graphic design software that allows you to create captivating images for free. Not only can you create YouTube thumbnails, but you can also design and customize your profile picture for YouTube and your YouTube channel art. 

(I recently started using Canva, and I really like that platform as well. )


This, free and certified by youtube, extension can do so much! What makes Tubebuddy great is the SEO functionalities. Anyone who is creating content should know how important Search Engine Optimization is when it comes to making sure people can find your content on the internet.

When uploading your videos, you’ll be given a variety of options to see what you still need to do to upload an optimized YouTube video. You’ll see live character limits, an SEO checklist and even receive suggested tags from TubeBuddy to help your videos rank higher & get more views.

When you’re scrolling through YouTube, you’ll also be able to spy on the competition. You can see exactly what tags are being used on videos, where the video ranks for the tags, stats for said video & channel. Additionally, if you think the tags will fit your video well, simply press the copy button & paste them into your tag section.

YouTube Creator Studio 

This free app provided by YouTube is the one that you will use the most. It's so easy to see your stats quickly and also reply comments directly. The mobile app version makes replying to comments even more convenient. I love replying to comments quickly, I feel more connected to my audience this way and the Youtube creator app makes it so much easier. 

You can also find very detailed analytics for your video that can help improve your performance if you take the time to analyse them.  In this app you can also easily modify your thumbnails on the go or change your title, or simply correct a little typo in your title. As sometimes you may find that if your video is not performing as well as you hoped a thumbnail change can help give it a boost.

Keyword Tool

This website was really helpful especially when just starting a YouTube channel. I had no idea what tags to use in my videos and which ones would help me stand out. The free version of this app. Lets you select the country where you want your video to perform the best and with a few key words it will help you come up with the best tags. Keep in mind there are many known and unknown factors to the YouTube algorithm so you want to make sure you take advantage of the methods to help your video get the views.

Epidemic Sounds 

Are you spending hours looking for the perfect song to match the mood of your videos? Stop wasting your time and create an epidemic sound account! For 15 dollars a month you will have access to thousands and thousands of great sounds, instrumentals and music that you can use on any of your YouTube videos without fearing a copyright strike. Even if you decide to cancel your account you won't get copyright strike from the song you used while your account was active. Now if you do cancel your subscription at any time just know you won’t be able to use those songs again in future videos. 

You can search songs by genres, moods and style of videos. There are also hundreds of sound effects that can be used. Honestly, just know that music can make or break your video. Did you know that people will watch a video 12% longer if the background music is appealing to their ears? Yup, so choose wisely. 

Keynote (only on Apple) 

If you want to create your own little animation I suggest using Keynote. You can create small (or big) animations from scratch using keynote and it's honestly really user-friendly. Having your own personalized animation can really set you apart from the crowd. You can obviously download green screens from YouTube which may seem a lot easier, but if you want your work to feel more unique I suggest creating your own graphics, doodles and animations. 


I love making sure that my YouTube ideas are organized, especially during the month where I’m feeling really creative. I love using airtable as a FREE planner. Not only do I use it for my YouTube content but I also use it for my Instagram content and blog posts. I recommend it if you also are working with or aiming to work with brands. It will help you stay on top of your game and reduce the overwhelming stress of having to upload on so many different platforms. 

As you have noticed, I did not mention any editing software since the one you will use will depend on the type of computer you own (Mac or PC) and also a question of preference. There are several out there from the paid ones like Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere and Vegas Pro to free ones like iMovie, Movie Maker, OBS and more. Just make sure whichever one you choose covers all your needs and has a workflow user experience you feel comfortable with.

I hope that this list of tools was helpful and if you are currently using tools for your YouTube channel that I did not mention please let me know in the comment section. I will definitely check it out. 

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