Monday, May 18, 2020

5 Local Haitians brands you should know exist

May is Haitian Heritage month and for this occasion I wanted to share a few local Montreal-based brands that I'm proud of. Our Culture is rich, unique, full of charisma and dripping in authenticity and these local Haitian brands definitely make me proud to be Haitian. I only recommend companies and brands that I trust and have tried so enjoy please. 

1. Phafo 
This is my newest discovery, and I Stan! They make the famous "Épis blendé" that we marinate our meat with, Pikliz and so much more. For those of you unfamiliar with these terms, Épis blendé is a blended mix of spices and herbs and Pikliz is Spices and spicy peppers you can put on top of your food. Their prices are more than fair, the quality is definitely there. The packaging and labeling on the containers is lovely. Most importantly, the customer service interactions were just extraordinary. 

2. Nagi Cosmetics 
Nagi Cosmetics is another Montreal-based beauty brand founded by Gina Delisme. She created this line of products after noticing a lack of diversity in the makeup space in Quebec. I have tried her products that are pretty awesome and I've become addicted to the lipstick "Purpose". I have personally repurchased this item more times than I'm comfortable sharing. 

3. Ayacaona 
Ayacaona offers a variety a hair products that are adapted to women of color. I've been using their products for a year now and I can only say great things about them. My hair is in love with the Ayacaona hair masks. Their products are 100 percent natural. They deliver quality!

4. LS Cream 
Cremasse is my favorite thing on earth. I was so excited to know that a Montreal-based Haitian man created a version of it; LS Cream. He is giving so many people an opportunity to get a taste of our culture. This creamy beverage delivers the perfect blend of sweetness and alcohol. If you have not tried this at least once in your life, then my friend you have not lived.

5. Wilou Express 
If you are craving some delicious Haitian food, Wilou Express is the place to go. They are still open during the pandemic, with reduce hours of course, but the taste and quality is still amazing! Not only is the food great, but the customer service is amazing and the prices are even better! They are located in Laval on St-Martin boulevard and it's hands down the best place to get delicious traditional Haitian food. 


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  1. Merci de nous faire découvrir ces compagnies. Le seul que je n'ai pas encore essayé c'est PHAFO, j'ai hâte de l'essayer !


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