Monday, September 17, 2018

6 Terrible behaviours that will make you feel miserable as a content creator

1 - Comparison

Theodore Roosevelt said it best, “comparison is the thief of joy”. I know it can be hard to resist the urge to compare, especially as a content creator. However, The best way to stop comparing yourself, is to be aware of the situations and environments around you and understand your triggers and try your best to avoid them. If scrolling through Instagram makes you feel envious and bad about yourself, then try to mute those accounts for a while and create time to do other positive activities. Make a list of the things you are grateful for and put them as your phone screen saver. Make sure you focus on your own projects and less on what is going on in other peoples' lives. The brain, like any other muscle, can be trained to work differently, but you have to be the one taking that decision. No one else can do it for you. 

2- Keeping up with who Unfollowed you

If you did not know, there are actually apps to keep up with who unfollows you (Speaking from experience). Yes... I was that girl. I was constantly tracking down the people who unfollowed me, it was ridiculous, it was flushing so much of my precious time down the toilet, trying to figure out why a certain person would unfollow me. What did I do wrong? Was it my Instastory? My last picture? Was it my accent? I'm sure it was! Darn you French-Canadian accent!

3- Overconsumption

I still think I over consume other peoples' content. Not necessarily the best thing if you are trying to create your own original content. Social Media takes so much of our day. Did you know that on  average person spend approximately 2 hours per day on Social Media? In a lifetime that's about 5 years and 4 months. 5 years! That's crazy! Oh, and did I mention that is just the average!? Now just think about your own social media usage. How many hours a day are you scrolling through IG, Facebook or twitter? I know I was definitely spending more than 2 hours every day on social media (YouTube and Instagram) and honestly most content creators do. We want to support our friends, keep up with the people who inspire us, be aware of anything new. However, let's be honest after spending all that time liking, swiping, scrolling, stalking, how much time does that even leave us for content creation?

I would suggest to start off your day by writing down your goals and plans for the day. Then you need to start creating right after. Your content should be your priority not anyone else's (Preaching to myself right now) 

4- Expecting people to follow you back

Don't!... I repeat, don't expect anything from anyone! Follow people because you truly love their personalities, their page, their vibes and not because you believe they will return you the “favor”. If you are waiting for people to follow you, you are up for disappointment. Please don't doubt the quality of your content just because someone you admire is not following you back. Get over it sis. 

5-Setting Goals you can't control 

Try to focus on what you can control and not on the things you do not have any power over. 
Here is a non-exhaustive list of things you don't have much control over: 
  • Amount of followers/subscribers
  • Views
  • Engagement
  • Company collaborations* 

Here are a few things you do have control over: 
  • The amount of content you create 
  • The Pitches you do 
  • The quality of your content 
  • Improving your skill-sets (writing, photography, videography, etc...) 
  • The content you decide to consume 
  • How you feel about yourself 
  • What you decide to share and when you decide to share it

6- Imitating someone else's content

Be yourself, don't just steal peoples' ideas, concept, pictures, captions, etc. You might think it's something you need to do in order to be successful. It's hard to keep up with a life that is not your own. Plus, don't underestimate your followers, they can smell the fakeness from a mile away. (kilometers away for my Canadian readers). Remember, the truth will set you free. Be yourself. I'm sure you are not that boring. 

I truly hope you enjoyed this post. I honestly mostly wrote it for myself, but I have a feeling that I may not be alone in this situation. If you enjoyed it make sure to share it and comment down below.

On that note 
Aurevoir, bisous, bisous,
Sophia Tim 



  1. Good article , thank you ! I really want to do it now: instead of living for other people content it’s better to start the day to think about what you can create.


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