Friday, August 3, 2018

Why You should visit Mexico!

In the beginning of the month of May 2018, my husband and I escaped to Mexico for 7 days. We stayed in the beautiful Ocean Riviera Paradise resort located in Playa Del Carmen, very close to Riviera Maya. It was our second time in Mexico and I'm convinced that Mexico is the perfect place if you are seeking relaxation. We did not take an overload of pictures and videos since we really wanted to take this time away for us and to rest as much as possible away from the madness of our everyday life. Often, to make the most out of our experiences we have to close our devices and enjoy the breeze and the kiss of the sun on our skin.

The people of Mexico are seriously so nice! It's kind of hard to tell them no. By the way, I have a little message from them to you: International news reports are killing them right now in terms of the touristic economy. Please make sure that you don't cancel or postpone your vacation because of everything you hear from the media. The only way you are likely to get hurt in Mexico is if you are looking for it. So, don't do drugs kids! If you are still a little hesitant or apprehensive, then book an all-inclusive resort package like we did. It will be impossible to not feel safe in a resort. The only criminals you’ll have to worry about are those dang mosquitoes!
(Muere la mierda de los mosquitos, muere!)

We booked our trip with Sunwing, simply because they often have the cheapest flights when we compare them to everyone else (Trust me when I tell you I compared!). Like I mentioned previously, we stayed in an all-inclusive hotel the Ocean Riviera Paradise. I know all inclusive resorts are not everyone's favorite, but my husband and I love to be worry free whenever we travel. What better way to be worry free than to not have to think about a travel budget, food, activities, where we will sleep, or even think about the transportation to the hotel from the airport?... I'm just sayin'!

This amazing newly built 5-star hotel was divided into 4 sections; Eden, Privilege, Daisy and El Beso. We were located in Eden which is the closest one to the beach. Since the resort was quite huge there were little cars going around the resorts to bring us to the different locations in case you are not a "let's walk under the burning sun" type of person. The little rides were quite pleasant, and the drivers were extremely friendly.

The room was stunning, the modern infrastructure was amazing, and the room was spacious and comfortable. Let me also add that it was very well equipped and well kept. Now of coarse, I was expecting nothing less since it's a new hotel.

The resort benefits: 10 restaurants on site, the food was amazing at every location we tried, but I think my husband and I can agree that the Italian restaurant was the best (and the most instagrammable). Who would of thought I would've had such amazing Italian food in Mexico (Comida Sobre Todo)?

One thing that I have to say that was a bit disappointing was the on-site entertainment and activities. I was not impressed with the themes, the little outdoor games or anything like that during our trip. The only thing that I couldn't resist was the giant foam party by the pool! Apart from that I never felt the urge to participate in any of their activities. So, a little improvement is required by the entertainment team in my humble opinion.

During our trip we also booked a day away to explore the Ruinas Mayas (Mayan ruins) of Tulum with Nexus Tour, which was breathtaking as we got to enjoy a bit of the Mayan culture. Make sure you go on a day that is not extremely hot or at a time of the day that is not too sunny, so you can really take the time to appreciate the beauty of the historically gorgeous experience and story behind these ruins. The beach that is in proximity is also stunning. So, make sure to set aside some time to go dip your toes in the ocean. It's definitely worth it!

Then pass the rest of the day one the most beautiful places Xel-ha which is an attraction built around the natural wonders of Riviera Maya. We snorkeled, rode along a bike path in the middle of forest (I fell off my bike, but at least no one saw me). We also used the inner tubes in the lazy river and it's quite enjoyable, but really hard to maneuver. I must say that food and drinks were included throughout the day, which is always a plus!

Now of course I can sit here all day making a drawn-out list of the million and one reasons you absolutely need to book a trip to Mexico. However, I think I will just stop right here because the best way for you to know for sure is to simply book a vacation today! Go create your own adventures and incredible memories!

On that note

Aurevoir Bisous Bisous

Sophia Tim

Hey if you want to see more here is a little blog I did during my trip enjoy!


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