Saturday, March 3, 2018

Minimalist Watches with not so minimalist materials

Life is way too short for our clothes and accessories to be boring.  I often try to go outside ofthe box when it comes to my personal style. Without being too eccentric I enjoy wearing little details that will bring out my fun (and kind of) crazy personality.
So you know when JORD  wooden watches contacted me with their ceatively watch
designs I was really excited to receive such a unique piece to add to my collection and share my opinion here on Pardon the french girl.

I must admit, however, sometimes adding different and new pieces to my wardrobe can be a bit intimidating. Therefore, I decided to go with a more neutral color that goes perfectly with my color pallet but where you can still notice the wooden material used in the design. This still gives me an original watch made out of wood but still extremely wearable and highly fashionable.

This watch is part of the Fieldcrest series in Maple. It is very light, way lighter than I expected it to be for something made out of wood and yet very comfortable. The color I chose fits perfectly for spring and summer. The round face and silver trim details on the watch are show-stopping and very chic. Well-crafted and thoughtfully designed, JORD displays a fabulous touch of elegance. The wood material on the watch is scratch-resistant and splash proof matching beauty with durability.
My favorite part of this watch is something that you can't see but that only I know is there. JORD allows you to customize your piece with a watch engraving of something intimate and unique on the back. Perfect for that special someone who is dear to your heart or simply having a cute reminder of something meaningful to you. This special touch makes an already unique watch even more special if you want my opinion.

If you’re loving the watch as much as I am, then you will love today's giveaway! You can be the lucky winner of a $100.00 OFF gift code to spend on a beautiful JORD watch of your choice. Though there can only be one winner, simply entering into this giveaway you will receive a 10% DISCOUNT to apply towards a purchase of your choice. Everybody wins.  I'd like to take an Oprah Winfrey moment to say, "you’re a winner, you’re a winner, and everyone is a winner!"
So enter the giveaway here by simply filling in your name, email address and your preferred watch. You can also check out their men’s watches and women’s watches.

Today’s blog post on Pardon the french girl is in partnership with JORD, but all opinions are my own.

On that note
Aurevoir bisous bisous
Sophia Tim



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