Monday, September 25, 2017

My 6 Travel Essentials

My 6 Travel Essentials 

Travelling has to be my favorite thing to do. Seeing the world, meeting new people, tasting new food (personally my favorite part) and learning new things. Here are my 5 favorite things to travel with that totally improve my travelling experience. 

Ok, with this one I’m cheating a little bit. This little pre-made travel kit includes over 24 essentials. A compact mirror, a shower cap, elastics for your hair, deodorant, wipes, nail polish remover wipes, a mask for your eyes, ear plugs and much more. It comes in this compact adorable little bag with a zipper. So to me, it's definitely an essential. Honestly, they’ve filled this kit with a million things that I would’ve totally forgotten. 

2- Waterproof Cellphone Case

This thing is absolutely my favorite discovery of 2016. It looks like a cheap Ziploc bag that works wonders under water. With this thing, you can now bring your phone to the pool, beach and foam parties without worrying about it ever getting wet. Last year we had it one every time we went swimming and everyone was intrigued and amazed. They could not believe we got it from Amazon for only 6-7 dollars Canadian (the cost even lower now). If you only buy one thing before you go traveling it needs to be this item right here. 

3- Download a season of your favourite Netflix series on your tablet or laptop.
This is not a physical thing, but I Think this is my best tip so far. In case of a rainy day, or if you can't sleep one night, or the flight is painfully long. This will save you from any dull moments.

My personal favorite shows on Netflix: 
-        How to get away with murder 
-        Suits
-        The blacklist, Brooklyn 99 
-        The Mindy project

4- An empty bottle of water

You should think about bringing an empty bottle of water that you simply refill after you pass security. Save those coins honey! 

5- Drop Box or iCloud 

Enable the function on your phone in order to back up your videos and photos automatically to your Dropbox account before you delete and free up space. This way you’ll always have space to capture that next epic moment on your trip!  

6- Portable Battery for your phone. 

Is there anything more annoying than not being able to capture important moments because your phone is dead. A portable charger will allow you to boost your phone’s battery life maybe 2 to 3 more hours. Here is my favorite one and you can get it in a beautiful rose gold color. 

I hope you found a thing or two that you did not think of yourself. Travel safely. 

On that note; Aurevoir bisous 

Sophia Tim


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