Monday, September 23, 2019

Meet My Instagram Husband

In today’s special post I decided to do something a bit different. I want to introduce you to my personal Instagram husband. His name is Jo and he is actually my husband and we’ve been married for a little over 5 years now and best friend for about 10. He is the most incredible human being on this planet! He has a genuine and pure heart. He is patient and kind and it's an honor for me to call him my husband and even more now to call him my Instagram husband. I decided to ask him a few questions about his role as my Instagram husband. Let’s see what he really thinks about all this! 

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How would you describe your role as an Instagram/YouTube husband?
“That’s actually a great question! If I could describe my role I would probably say it is like I am on a unicycle while holding 2 baby puppies on my left and juggling 3 bowling pins on my right hand. But seriously, I would describe this role as leveling up. Starting this journey has shown me all the potential that is really inside me. I’ve unlocked new levels of artistic creativity, technical savvy, multitasking, and patience. Oh yes, a lot of patience. I must say the whole experience is pretty exciting watching myself grow in ways I never thought would interest me as much as they do. No I am in no way a pro at this photography or videography thing but the process of growing in this is pretty awesome!”

 What do you prefer about it?
“I am a bit of a Gear/Tech junkie, like most men on this planet. I mean who doesn’t love unboxing a brand-new device! Also, I have to say I love reading the comments that people leave on my wife’s IG page and YouTube channel. They hilariously amazing! Did I mention that love the bloopers! I also, enjoying learning new things like the term focal length. I mean did you know that focal length means…  Wait? Am I rambling I feel like I am rambling. You know my wife tells me that my answers are way to long and I should really learn to tone it down some.”

 What do you hate the most about it?
“Hate! What do you mean hate? Who said anything about hate? What does that even mean?... Wait!? Is my wife going to be reading this? Because if she is I want her to know that I love everything about being an IG/ YouTube hubby! Well… Almost everything. Well of course there is this one thing she does. I would not say that I hate but let’s just say strongly I dislike it. You know what I’m a just keep it real with y’alll. I can’t stand taking pictures or recording videos and she makes this face like I am forcing her to unload FedEx trucks full of big heavy boxes in the middle of the hottest summer day at 1:27 in the afternoon and she is extremely bothered. Ok, well that might be a little over the top. However, sometimes we can do 100 nice shots and she does not like any of them. Well booboo, next time just relax your face and just smile, and we will be just fine.”

Did you know anything about photography before?
“Duh! I knew that as long as my fingers could press the camera/record button that meant that I was a professional baby! No, but seriously I knew very little to nothing. I am still learning with each photo shoot or each YouTube recording session. I’m actually a musician who went to school for IT. However the great thing with technology today I can hop on YouTube or Udemy and follow some really great courses to help me out.”

 Can you describe photo sessions with Sophia?
“Pretty adventurous! We try to drive around the city finding cool spots to take shots. A lot of times we discover some of the most beautiful places. At the same time though we have our fair share of unsuccessful shooting days. What’s important is to try to make the most of each experience and try to learn a bit more each time.”

Do you have any tips/advice for IG husbands?
“Yeah definitely! I guess my top tips for someone who wants to start this journey are:

1.    If you are not a professional photographer please know that it is ok. I am far from being a pro but what I lack in professionalism I make up for in enthusiasm, in support of my wife’s desires and eagerness to learn and get better. The first few posts were rough but I am getting a little better with each shot.

2.    Try your best to schedule any photo or video sessions. This is extremely important because a lot of people work, go to school, or also pursue other passions of their own. Knowing that, it is important to sit down together and reach a compromise on your availability to help out as an IG hubby.

3.        Learn, Learn, Learn, and did I forget to mention learn? This is really going to help you tremendously because the more you know about video, pictures, manipulating light, angles, and especially the device you are using whether is an Android/ iOS device or a DSLR.  This will help you save so much time and will ensure a successful photo/video session. Again, I am not saying I am some expert. Not the case at all! However, I am willing to take out a bit of time during my week to watch a couple of YouTube tutorials, read a few articles to try to get better at this every week.
4.    This one is for the models in front of the camera. Please make sure to take out the time to let your IG hubby know you appreciate them. It might seem silly or insignificant but a Thank You goes a long way a long way in this business!

5.    Get a smart phone with portrait mode! Life saver when you are first starting out. This will at least help save you time while you are learning. I am currently using a Google Pixel XL 3 and sometimes the software on the phone supersedes my skill with a camera. 

6. Follow pages on IG that interest your significant other. For example my wife loves photos from @inthefrow so I follow her page also to see what makes her pictures or videos look great. Sometimes you can find out what camera settings they used for a particular shot. While we are on the topic of following IG accounts, you should also try to follow some good photographer. I recommend at @harrison, @dapper_cards ( He is from Montréal) and @gilmarphotos.”

7. Don’t be afraid to laugh and enjoy the silly moments because there may be a lot of those.

These are just some of the tips that have helped me along the way. Notice how most of what I am saying revolves around being willing to learn. I cannot stress enough how important this is. ”

In your opinion is your wife her true self on social media? Tell us why.
“Yes, I would say. Anyone who watches my wife will agree that she is really silly and pretty excited about life. She is not afraid to slip and fall and laugh about it. She really embraces the perfect little imperfections of life. Most of which reflected in her bloopers.”

What is your real job and personal hobbies.
“I work as an integration specialist testing hardware and code for a company that makes software for IP-based security devices like video cameras, doors, and licence plate readers. On the side I am a musician. I love playing piano, a little bit of bass, drums, and a pinch of guitar.”

 Well there you have it ladies and gentlemen! I hope you enjoyed this interview thank you again for following me here on Pardon the french girl it means the world to me (us) :).


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