Thursday, March 26, 2020

How to survive the Quarantine

Okay, so I definitely freaked out for about 4 days. I mean total mental breakdown here. But now I'm back to my old self, my whole "it is what it is" mentality and I'm ready to survive this quarantine like a dang boss and I want to enjoy it as much as it's... humanly possible to enjoy a quarantine!

You need loungewear honey
Lounge-wear is just an acceptable word for day time pajamas. Everything from La vie en Rose is just a dream of comfort to wear, so I recommend everything from them with my eyes closed. I suggest throwing out your old and washed out pj's and replacing them with something cute and fresh and also a few robes sounds like a pretty good idea. La vie en rose is having an amazing deal at the moment where you buy 1 item you get 2 items for free. What a time to be... confined! 

Whining is better with wine
I don't drink that often, but also I can't say no to a nice glass of Moscato! I believe most of the SAQ’s are reducing their opening hours right now, but thank God you can still order your drinks online! Plus they are currently donating all their delivery fees to the food banks of Quebec. You can drink your favorite drink while helping your community. I mean isn't that just great? Cheers to us for doing something great while ordering online!

I watched everything on Netflix. I didn't think it was possible but it happened! Thank you Covid19! I need more things to do. Resolving puzzles with my husband is actually super fun. We also enjoy playing Uno and dominos. If you have a bigger family, Monopoly is a good one to kill a few hours, taboo as well if the members of your family are older, cards against humanity is still one of my top 5 preferred games though. You can order everything directly from amazon.

Facial Mask
Staying inside has some advantages. For example, your skin is not exposed to as much UV rays and pollution so why not take this time to take extra good care of it.  Gently exfoliate and extract your skin and follow that up with a sheet mask or night mask. My all time favorite is definitely from Caudalie. Their clay mask always gives me the best results, but please note that it can be a little on the pricey side. I also recently tried one from a brand that I never heard of OneKind, and it did wonders to my skin. Anything from the Neutrogena skincare line is also great! Also, I'm a big fan of their hand cream, seriously my best friend since I have to wash my hands every 10 minutes!

Bath Bombs 
I absolutely love taking long hot baths and if I'm being honest, I did not need social distancing to take long warm baths that make my skin turn into an old raisin, I just can’t get enough.  You can order bath bombs online on the Lush website. If you don't have a bath at home I suggest getting some body scrubs. In my opinion, you can’t go with choosing one from Franks’ body scrubs. Your skin will thank me later. Seriously, it's the best body scrub I’ve tried. Also, I must admit that I'm a sucker for a great branding!

Seriously guys stay safe. I love you and for the love of God wash your hands!

On that note aurevoir 
BIsous, bisous 
Sophia Tim


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