Thursday, January 3, 2019

8 Things that Bloggers should stop doing in 2019

Please note that by me using the term blogger this also applies to instagrammers, youtubers and influencers in general. Also, if I happen to say anything that offends you, by all means, please feel free to disregard it, and do you. You should read this article with a grain of salt. This is strictly my opinion and I actually do believe that we can co-exist on the same planet even if we don't agree on everything. Ready? Go!

1. Ask your followers to follow accounts you are not following yourself!

It gets on my last nerve every time a blogger or Instagrammer, makes a contest in partnership with a company and ask their followers to follow the account of a company or brand that they are not following themselves. If you are promoting, posting, or writing for a brand at least take the time to hit the follow button.

2. Focusing on gaining new followers and not caring for the one you actually have.
Wanting to grow your subscriber count, mailing list, or fan base is totally normal. I mean the high you get when knowing that your creative efforts are being recognized and appreciated by new supporters is something that can’t even be put into words! There is no harm in glowing up and evolving as we all should! Just keep in mind that you should still need be true to who you are, consistent (unlike me), and accessible. Be sure that you are still making an effort to reply to your dm’s and comments. Stop creating to attract, create content to entertain and retain.
3. The overload of Instastories unboxing!

The truth is that you don’t have to share absolutely everything you receive. Now I know that this point is breaking news for some of you reading this. But try sharing the things that you absolutely love or genuinely care about and not every single bobby pin that was sent to you for free by company XYZ. If you own a YouTube channel I strongly suggest making dedicated videos about your unboxings if you’re receiving a good amount regularly. I’m sure that people who really ARE interested in those kinds of videos will click, watch and comment on those pulications. Unlike instastories, this gives your followers a chance to choose whether or not they care for your unboxing.

4. Stop with all the “send me free crap!” posts already.
It seriously triggers me (yup I'm easily triggered) when someone is eating a Junior chicken on an instastory, then proceeds to tag McDonald asking for a sponsorship…. Sis! How entitled do you really think you are? Please get off your pedestal. Paying for food, makeup and your hotel room is actually not that bad. I mean we everyday common folk do it all the time and we are just fine. Broke.. but just fine.
5. Teasing people with secret projects!
Listen, I understand that the excitement about whatever project you are working on secretly but teasing your followers about it is downright annoying. Work on it, make it happen then share it. If we’re going to keep it real for two seconds, a lot of those “Look at me! I’m hard at work! Cooking up something special! #grinding” projects never even leave your social media post and come to fruition.
6. Giving more importance to brands and companies than your followers!
Please remember that the only reason you are working with all these companies is because of your followers. Please don’t ever put the needs of a company above your followers. You owe is to them to be genuine in your interactions. Learning to say no to some of these collaborations can actually do better for you than you think. The people supporting you will appreciative when they see that you are listening to them and that you care.
7. "Show me some love on my last post and I will like your posts"
Girl Bye! Believe me when I tell you that I understand these algorithms are playing with your face, but you need to stop playing with your followers faces. We both know you don’t care about engaging with the people that are following you. You only care about your engagement statistics on that last post that is not doing as well as you would've want. Trust me, people are seeing right through your game. Engaging with your followers is something you should be doing regardless. It is not an exchange of services or some sort of currency.
8. Stop the whining, moping and complaining!
Can we cut all the excess complaining about your numbers? I get it! All these platforms are ruining your life with their evil little algorithms eating away all your precious hard-earned stats. But that’s a personal problem. Remember, no one will ever really care about your page as much as you do.

Bonus Tip! I mean who doesn’t love bonuses right? and if you are still reading I think you deserve it.

9. Stop doubting your greatness booboo! There is so much with genius, creativity, and passion in you. So own it! Also stop reading posts of what other people think you should, or shoud not do on your own platform. (hihi) 

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Thank you so much for reading

On that note, Aurevoir, bisous bisous
Sophia Tim



  1. You are too funny girl thank you for always keepin it real.

    1. Thank you so much for always taking the time to read and comment. I appreciate. xoxoxox

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