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Why YOU should NOT start a YouTube channel

Why YOU should NOT start a YouTube channel 
(Version française)

Disclaimer: This is in no way, shape or form meant to hurt or discourage anyone who wants to start a YouTube channel, just a couple of things I learned and wanted to share with you. These points apply for blogging also. 

1- You are lazy!

I wanted to make sure this was my first point just in case you are too lazy to get to the end of this post. Creating content requires creativity and time... A lot of it! Often people think that creating content is just taking a picture here, adding a filter there, filming something random here…. But it’s not at all the case, the 8 minute YouTube video you are consuming often take between 4 and 16 hours to edit. Yes you read that right! That picture that you are conveniently double tapping and then forgetting on Instagram probably took 20 different not so perfect shots. So If you are lazy don’t even start. Plus, your followers or subscribers easily get bored if you don’t post regularly. I’m definitely guilty of being a couch potato sometimes, It’s definitely something we all can work on. Later on in this article I will share with you some tips to be help be more productive. So if you are willing to work on this first point... That means you won't be lazy and you'll keep reading. There is still hope for you my friend. 

2- You want to be famous and receive free crap!

Starting a YouTube channel hoping for “fame” or just getting perks is only going to lead to frustration. Personally, I started my YouTube channel in a time of my life when I needed to be more creative because my job was (and is still) very boring. Starting my channel gave me instant satisfaction because my reasons for being there were not fame and a free cleaning facial brush from Vanity Planet. (They are really dope BTW) The first time a company contacted me for a collaboration; I could not believe it! I thought they messaged me by mistake or that it was some sort of scam. Needless to say I was over the moon, but I was not expecting anything and if no more companies want to work with me in the future I will still be uploading content regularly.

Find a genuine reason to start your channel or your blog. Something that has nothing to do with money, fame or free products. So once you have found your reason why (Sharing information, sharing your passion, teaching, for fun, for your business, to be creative, because you just love filming and/or editing…) go to the next point. Maybe you're not a loss cause after all. 

3- You get Discouraged easily!

A little bit like the first point, a lot of time is required to create content. Well, good content anyways, but a lot of time will also be required to gain followers, subscribers and visibility. If you think you are going to put one perfectly edited video out there and you will be famous well you are terribly wrong pal (Except if your name is Will Smith). Can you imagine filming a 30-minute video and realizing after that the audio is not working or that your lens was out of focus?... That's sometimes the reality of being on YouTube. By the way, that's without mentioning frustrations with the platform itself. Don't even get me started! 

Keep in mind that it is a process so enjoy having 20, then 50, then 100 subscribers. Celebrate the small victories or milestones and have fun even if you have to record the same footage 4 times. So if this point did not totally discourage you... You may continue reading. 

4 - You want that YouTube Money! 

A little bit like point number 2. Money is not a good reason to start a YouTube channel. Anyways, now with the new thresholds and regulations that require you to have a minimum of 1000 subscribers and 4000 HOURS of watch time in the last 12 months. It’s getting harder and harder to get a lil' coin on this platform. So is it even worth doing though? Absolutely! By creating content you will receive way then money could ever give you. Again, find a more purposeful focus or goal and continue reading. 

5 - Your feelings are easily hurt!

We live in a cold and nasty world friend. When you put yourself out there you almost have a sign on your forehead screaming, "I’m open for target practice. Come and destroy my feelings and soul. Please show me no mercy." Seems like, behind a computer screen (or a smartphone), it’s even easier to freely hate on someone. While some will just criticize you and judge your lifestyle others (trolls) will try to make you react, make you upset, crush your heart into a million pieces and then take a piss on your remaining just for the fun of breaking you.

My first mean comment was someone saying that my elbows were way to dark compared to rest of my body. I never had a problem with my elbows before, but after this comment I was obsessed with everybody's elbows. They were all I could think about. Were mine really darker than the average? How unattractive was it? Did everyone notice them but just did not want to hurt my feeling? Maybe I could lighten them up? Would lime work?…

I wore long sleeves for like the whole month of July obsessing over my dang elbows! All that to say... Even though my example is far from being the worst it really affected me. People will really come for you, but you can’t let them have that much power on you. Do a little introspection before starting a YouTube channel. Can you handle the heat? I know I couldn’t at first. However, hold your head up high your skin will get tougher! I’m still annoyed with dislikes and not so nice comments but they no longer make me cry in the shower in a fetal position. 

Creating a YouTube channel was on of the best things I've ever done. Probably saved me from depression and a bit of loneliness. So please choose to create videos because it brings joy and happiness and not for other futile reasons and if at any moment it stops bringing you joy it is okay to JUST STOP. I mean life is to short to do things that just suck. 

On that note 
Aurevoir Bisous Bisous 
Long sleeves wearer forever.

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