Monday, September 17, 2018

6 Terrible behaviours that will make you feel miserable as a content creator

1 - Comparison

Theodore Roosevelt said it best, “comparison is the thief of joy”. I know it can be hard to resist the urge to compare, especially as a content creator. However, The best way to stop comparing yourself, is to be aware of the situations and environments around you and understand your triggers and try your best to avoid them. If scrolling through Instagram makes you feel envious and bad about yourself, then try to mute those accounts for a while and create time to do other positive activities. Make a list of the things you are grateful for and put them as your phone screen saver. Make sure you focus on your own projects and less on what is going on in other peoples' lives. The brain, like any other muscle, can be trained to work differently, but you have to be the one taking that decision. No one else can do it for you. 

2- Keeping up with who Unfollowed you

If you did not know, there are actually apps to keep up with who unfollows you (Speaking from experience). Yes... I was that girl. I was constantly tracking down the people who unfollowed me, it was ridiculous, it was flushing so much of my precious time down the toilet, trying to figure out why a certain person would unfollow me. What did I do wrong? Was it my Instastory? My last picture? Was it my accent? I'm sure it was! Darn you French-Canadian accent!

3- Overconsumption

I still think I over consume other peoples' content. Not necessarily the best thing if you are trying to create your own original content. Social Media takes so much of our day. Did you know that on  average person spend approximately 2 hours per day on Social Media? In a lifetime that's about 5 years and 4 months. 5 years! That's crazy! Oh, and did I mention that is just the average!? Now just think about your own social media usage. How many hours a day are you scrolling through IG, Facebook or twitter? I know I was definitely spending more than 2 hours every day on social media (YouTube and Instagram) and honestly most content creators do. We want to support our friends, keep up with the people who inspire us, be aware of anything new. However, let's be honest after spending all that time liking, swiping, scrolling, stalking, how much time does that even leave us for content creation?

I would suggest to start off your day by writing down your goals and plans for the day. Then you need to start creating right after. Your content should be your priority not anyone else's (Preaching to myself right now) 

4- Expecting people to follow you back

Don't!... I repeat, don't expect anything from anyone! Follow people because you truly love their personalities, their page, their vibes and not because you believe they will return you the “favor”. If you are waiting for people to follow you, you are up for disappointment. Please don't doubt the quality of your content just because someone you admire is not following you back. Get over it sis. 

5-Setting Goals you can't control 

Try to focus on what you can control and not on the things you do not have any power over. 
Here is a non-exhaustive list of things you don't have much control over: 
  • Amount of followers/subscribers
  • Views
  • Engagement
  • Company collaborations* 

Here are a few things you do have control over: 
  • The amount of content you create 
  • The Pitches you do 
  • The quality of your content 
  • Improving your skill-sets (writing, photography, videography, etc...) 
  • The content you decide to consume 
  • How you feel about yourself 
  • What you decide to share and when you decide to share it

6- Imitating someone else's content

Be yourself, don't just steal peoples' ideas, concept, pictures, captions, etc. You might think it's something you need to do in order to be successful. It's hard to keep up with a life that is not your own. Plus, don't underestimate your followers, they can smell the fakeness from a mile away. (kilometers away for my Canadian readers). Remember, the truth will set you free. Be yourself. I'm sure you are not that boring. 

I truly hope you enjoyed this post. I honestly mostly wrote it for myself, but I have a feeling that I may not be alone in this situation. If you enjoyed it make sure to share it and comment down below.

On that note 
Aurevoir, bisous, bisous,
Sophia Tim 


Friday, August 3, 2018

Why You should visit Mexico!

In the beginning of the month of May 2018, my husband and I escaped to Mexico for 7 days. We stayed in the beautiful Ocean Riviera Paradise resort located in Playa Del Carmen, very close to Riviera Maya. It was our second time in Mexico and I'm convinced that Mexico is the perfect place if you are seeking relaxation. We did not take an overload of pictures and videos since we really wanted to take this time away for us and to rest as much as possible away from the madness of our everyday life. Often, to make the most out of our experiences we have to close our devices and enjoy the breeze and the kiss of the sun on our skin.

The people of Mexico are seriously so nice! It's kind of hard to tell them no. By the way, I have a little message from them to you: International news reports are killing them right now in terms of the touristic economy. Please make sure that you don't cancel or postpone your vacation because of everything you hear from the media. The only way you are likely to get hurt in Mexico is if you are looking for it. So, don't do drugs kids! If you are still a little hesitant or apprehensive, then book an all-inclusive resort package like we did. It will be impossible to not feel safe in a resort. The only criminals you’ll have to worry about are those dang mosquitoes!
(Muere la mierda de los mosquitos, muere!)

We booked our trip with Sunwing, simply because they often have the cheapest flights when we compare them to everyone else (Trust me when I tell you I compared!). Like I mentioned previously, we stayed in an all-inclusive hotel the Ocean Riviera Paradise. I know all inclusive resorts are not everyone's favorite, but my husband and I love to be worry free whenever we travel. What better way to be worry free than to not have to think about a travel budget, food, activities, where we will sleep, or even think about the transportation to the hotel from the airport?... I'm just sayin'!

This amazing newly built 5-star hotel was divided into 4 sections; Eden, Privilege, Daisy and El Beso. We were located in Eden which is the closest one to the beach. Since the resort was quite huge there were little cars going around the resorts to bring us to the different locations in case you are not a "let's walk under the burning sun" type of person. The little rides were quite pleasant, and the drivers were extremely friendly.

The room was stunning, the modern infrastructure was amazing, and the room was spacious and comfortable. Let me also add that it was very well equipped and well kept. Now of coarse, I was expecting nothing less since it's a new hotel.

The resort benefits: 10 restaurants on site, the food was amazing at every location we tried, but I think my husband and I can agree that the Italian restaurant was the best (and the most instagrammable). Who would of thought I would've had such amazing Italian food in Mexico (Comida Sobre Todo)?

One thing that I have to say that was a bit disappointing was the on-site entertainment and activities. I was not impressed with the themes, the little outdoor games or anything like that during our trip. The only thing that I couldn't resist was the giant foam party by the pool! Apart from that I never felt the urge to participate in any of their activities. So, a little improvement is required by the entertainment team in my humble opinion.

During our trip we also booked a day away to explore the Ruinas Mayas (Mayan ruins) of Tulum with Nexus Tour, which was breathtaking as we got to enjoy a bit of the Mayan culture. Make sure you go on a day that is not extremely hot or at a time of the day that is not too sunny, so you can really take the time to appreciate the beauty of the historically gorgeous experience and story behind these ruins. The beach that is in proximity is also stunning. So, make sure to set aside some time to go dip your toes in the ocean. It's definitely worth it!

Then pass the rest of the day one the most beautiful places Xel-ha which is an attraction built around the natural wonders of Riviera Maya. We snorkeled, rode along a bike path in the middle of forest (I fell off my bike, but at least no one saw me). We also used the inner tubes in the lazy river and it's quite enjoyable, but really hard to maneuver. I must say that food and drinks were included throughout the day, which is always a plus!

Now of course I can sit here all day making a drawn-out list of the million and one reasons you absolutely need to book a trip to Mexico. However, I think I will just stop right here because the best way for you to know for sure is to simply book a vacation today! Go create your own adventures and incredible memories!

On that note

Aurevoir Bisous Bisous

Sophia Tim

Hey if you want to see more here is a little blog I did during my trip enjoy!


Sunday, June 10, 2018

Pourquoi tu ne devrais PAS commencer une chaîne YouTube!

Avertissement: cet article n'a pas pour but de vous blesser ou de vous décourager à commencer une chaine Youtube, simplement quelques petites choses que j'ai apprises et que je voulais partager avec vous.  

1. Tu es paresseux 
Je voulais m'assurer que c'était le premier point juste au cas où tu serais trop paresseux pour lire l'article au complet. Créer du contenu demande de la créativité et du temps. Beaucoup de temps. Souvent les gens pensent que créer du contenu c'est simplement prendre une photo par ici, ajouter un filtre par là, filmer un petit quelque chose au hasard ici. Mais ce n'est pas le cas du tout, la vidéo de 8 minutes que tu écoutes tranquillement prend souvent entre 4 et 16 heures de travail à filmer et à monter. Oui, oui tu as bien lu. La photo que tu "like" rapidement sans trop y penser, prends souvent une vingtaine de photo d'essais avant. Alors si tu ne pense pas avoir la capacité mentale ou physique de passe outre ta paresse n'essaie même pas. De plus, les abonnés s'ennuient rapidement donc il est important de mettre à jour sa page de façon régulière. Je suis définitivement coupable de paresse parfois, mais c'est quelque chose sur quoi tu peux travailler, d'ailleurs si tu as lu tout ça, tu n'es peut-être pas si paresseux que ça, tu n'es peut-être pas une cause perdue continue donc à lire. 

2-Tu veux être connu(e) et recevoir plein de trucs gratuits.  

Commencer une chaîne Youtube dans l'espoir d'être célèbre et d'en recevoir les avantages va probablement beaucoup te frustrer. Personnellement, j'ai commencé ma chaîne Youtube, car j'avais un besoin d'être plus créative. Commencer ma chaîne Youtube, m'a donc donné une satisfaction instantanée puisque mes raisons mon "why" n'étaient pas d'être célèbre et de recevoir une brosse de Vanity Planet. La première fois que j'ai été contacté pour une collaboration je n'en croyais pas mes yeux. Je pensais que le message m'avait été envoyé par erreur ou que c'était un scam. Pas besoin de vous dire que j'étais aux anges, mais la source première de ma joie de créer des vidéos ne vient pas des produits gratuits, donc même si je ne peux plus dans le futur collaborer avec des compagnies je vais continuer à faire des vidéos.  Trouve-toi une raison pour commencer ta chaine, ta page instagram ou ton blog? Une raison qui n'a rien à voir avec la célébrité ou des produits gratuits. Lorsque tu as trouvé cette raison lit le point suivant; il y a espoir pour toi.

3- Tu te décourages facilement

Un peu comme le premier point, beaucoup de temps est requis pour créer du contenu, du bon contenu en tout cas. Mais encore plus de temps te sera demandé pour gagner des abonnés  et gagner de la visibilité.

Si tu penses mettre une vidéo en ligne et gagner des milliers d'abonnés en une soirée, désolé de péter ta bulle. (À part si ton nom  c'est Will Smith) cela n'arrivera probablement pas. Peux-tu t'imaginer filmer une vidéo pendant 30 minutes et réaliser que l'audio ne fonctionne pas ou que ta caméra n'était pas en focus? C'est pourtant la réalité lorsque tu crées du contenu vidéo et cela c'est sans compter les frustrations de la plateforme.
Garde en tête que c'est un long processus et tu devrais profiter de chaque instant. Célèbre tes premiers 20 abonnés, puis les premiers 50, les premiers 100.... Si tu n'es pas totalement découragé après ce point, Je t'encourages à continuer à lire. 

4 - L'argent! 

Un peu comme le point numéro 2, L'argent est une raison terrible de commencer Youtube. De plus, maintenant avec la nouvelle réglementation qui demande d'avoir un minimum de 1000 abonnés et 4000 heures de temps d'écoute dans les derniers 12 mois, il devient de plus en plus difficile de monétiser sa chaîne. Est-ce que ça vaut quand la peine? Absolument! Créer du contenu sur cette plateforme m'a rapporté beaucoup plus que ce que l'argent aurait pu me donner. 

5 - Tu es susceptible 
On vit dans un monde froid cher lecteur. Glacial! C'est encore pire sur internet. Être sur YouTube c'est comme se promener avec une enseigne sur le front qui mentionne"Allez-y détruisez-moi! Je suis une cible facile! N'ayez aucune pitié" Il semble que derrière un écran c'est encore plus facile de dire des méchancetés gratuites aux gens. Alors que certains vont simplement juger et critiquer votre style de vie d'autres (trolls) vont vouloir vous faire réagir, vous rendre triste, vous blesser, briser votre coeur en morceaux et ensuite pisser sur les restants simplement pour le plaisir de vous affecter.
Votre premier commentaire négatif croyez-moi vous vous en rappelez. Le premier commentaire blessant que j'ai reçu ; me faisait remarquer que mes coudes étaient trop foncés comparer à ma complexion. Je n'avais jamais eu de problème avec coudes avant, mais croyez moi qu'après ce commentaire c'était tout ce à quoi je pouvais penser. Étaient-ils vraiment trop foncés? Est-ce que c'est si laid que ça? Est-ce que les miens étaient plus foncés que la moyenne? Est-ce que tout le monde regarde mes coudes? Peut-être pourrais-je les éclaircir? Peut-être le citron...

J'ai porté des manches longues tout le mois de juillet parce que j'étais obsédée par mes stupides coudes. Même si mon exemple est loin d'être le pire, il m'a tout de même affecté. Tout cela pour dire, faite une petite introspection avant de commencer votre chaîne Youtube. Pouvez-vous supporter la méchanceté gratuite? Je sais que je ne pouvais pas au début. Toutefois, avec le temps ils ne t'affecteront plus. Je suis encore parfois dérangé par certains "dislike" et commentaires négatifs, mais ils ne me font plus pleurer en position foetale dans ma douche. Créer ma chaîne Youtube a été une des meilleures décisions que j'ai prises. Cela m'a probablement sauvé de la dépression et de la solitude. Alors s'il vous plaît choisissez de faire des vidéos parce que cas vous rend heureux et non pour des raisons futiles. 

Sophia Tim 

Sur cette note 

Aurevoir bisous bisous

Monday, April 2, 2018

Does taking picture in public make you nervous? Here are the tips you've been looking for.

If you have ever met me in real life then you know I’m a bit shy and also really awkward in person. 

When it comes to filming or taking pictures in the comfort of my own home though? That’s my life!  However, outside of my cozy little environment I tend to be really self-conscious. I become totally fixed on my surroundings and can barely concentrate. When I notice people looking at me on the street during a photo session my legs become as stable as an Ikea table on sale and my heart starts pounding like an EDM concert. Unfortunately, if you love taking awesome shots out in public then this is something that might slow you down on your way towards greatness. 
The main reason why I get so shy and nervous when taking outdoor pictures is the fear of people thinking I am narcissistic or conceited. Trust me, this is not the case at all. I just really enjoy sharing my love for fashion with my instagram little world. I really appreciate great sceneries and capturing beautiful memories through the lens of my camera. Also, being a content creator sometimes I have collaboration engagements that require a certain number pictures or videos for social media.
With that being said, here are a few ways to make it more... bearable. 

1 - Choose a touristic spot to shoot. 

It’s a perfect place NOT to feel uncomfortable. Most people around you will also be taking pictures, so you won't feel as awkward or weird. Plus, touristic sites often have the most gorgeous sceneries, which is great for beautiful pictures. I mean, not very unique but at least you will be able to tag the location of the picture, which will help make it easier for people to find your pictures (FYI, tagging the location of the picture is a great way to maximize your social media growth... You’ll thank me later). So there is a bit of a give and take with tip number one (#youwinsomeyoulosesome). 

2 - The early bird get's the worm. 
If you are not a morning person you are probably rolling your eyes or preparing to skip to tip number three. Wait! Just hear me out for a second. The best way to avoid crowded places for a photo shoot or film/vlog session is to wake up early and beat the morning rush. On top of that you have a great chance of catching a breath-taking sunrise. Another convenient factor about going out early is that if it’s a warm day shooting earlier in the day helps to avoid that 12 p.m. heat wave. So no more sweaty, “I just took a quick jog around the block.

3 - Avoid Week-Ends in downtown areas. 
If you are a not a fan of people, clearly try to avoid busy times of crowded downtown areas. Literally, hundreds of fast walking people, speeding bikes, and crazy traffic. I mean it can be really intimidating. So if you have the possibility of shooting on a weekday, early in the morning I would strongly recommend it. 

4 - Try Filming or taking pictures with a friend. 
It's always less awkward if you are not the only one in front of the lens. So go vlog with a good friend! Have a photography session with another blogger friend or just someone who wants a couple of nice pictures on their Instagram feed. 

5 - Practice makes perfect! 
Go ahead and practice a couple of cute poses at home that you are comfortable with so you won't have to think about it too much while you are outside. Try declaring positive affirmations in front of the mirror to help boost your self-confidence. You will also need to practice relaxing your face in front of the sun or bright lights. Now I know this sounds silly or like a big waste of time but you will not regret it. The most annoying thing is to roll around in front of a camera for an hour taking a hundred shots only to find in almost every shot your fist balled up, your hip looking dislocated and your eyes squinting (#speakingfromexperience).

6 - Find a cul-de-sac or a dead-end road. 
Meh, not much to add here. However, this is a great way to avoid traffic circulation and people!

7 - Get a lil bit Tipsy 
This is only if you are above 18 (or 21 depending on where you are in the world).  A little bit of alcohol in your system may help you relax just a bit. I will say that this tip may not work for everyone. Personally, alcohol makes me pretty sleepy and borderline useless to society.

8 - Make sure you are comfortable with your photographer. 
If you are not comfortable taking pictures outside you will want to avoid adding more factors of discomfort (cold weather, wanting to pee really badly, being hungry, etc.). Making sure you are totally comfortable with the person behind the camera will make the whole experience A LOT more pleasant.  After booking a photo session, try meeting up with your photographer at least a couple of times to talk before the shoot. It would also be a great idea to try to ask a friend, a member of your family or your Instagram husband/wife to take your pictures. Let’s also not forget that this will definitely save you some coin. This is will extremely awesome if he or she loves photography as a hobby and is really good with a camera or an iPhone.

9 - Find a pleasant distraction 
Standing up for a long time while someone takes your picture could become super annoying pretty quickly. For the picture, you should definitely try holding your phone, reading a book, leaning against a wall or sit on stairs. It will be less awkward than standing up straight for long periods of time just wiggling your fingers. 

10 - Fake it till you make it! 
         Just suck it up sister (or brother)! To be quite honest, no one really cares that much about you taking pictures in public. The reality is that people barely notice or pay attention to you, they probably have a job to get to. It's actually mostly in your head.  Honestly, you might be the only one making a big deal about it. So just get out there, look confident, stand up straight, smile, be fierce, be bold and be your creative gorgeous self! You will definitely get more and more confortable with each shot. One day you won't even notice people around you anymore (… Well, except for the occasional #photobomber). So go ahead queen! The street is your runway! 


Saturday, March 3, 2018

Minimalist Watches with not so minimalist materials

Life is way too short for our clothes and accessories to be boring.  I often try to go outside ofthe box when it comes to my personal style. Without being too eccentric I enjoy wearing little details that will bring out my fun (and kind of) crazy personality.
So you know when JORD  wooden watches contacted me with their ceatively watch
designs I was really excited to receive such a unique piece to add to my collection and share my opinion here on Pardon the french girl.

I must admit, however, sometimes adding different and new pieces to my wardrobe can be a bit intimidating. Therefore, I decided to go with a more neutral color that goes perfectly with my color pallet but where you can still notice the wooden material used in the design. This still gives me an original watch made out of wood but still extremely wearable and highly fashionable.

This watch is part of the Fieldcrest series in Maple. It is very light, way lighter than I expected it to be for something made out of wood and yet very comfortable. The color I chose fits perfectly for spring and summer. The round face and silver trim details on the watch are show-stopping and very chic. Well-crafted and thoughtfully designed, JORD displays a fabulous touch of elegance. The wood material on the watch is scratch-resistant and splash proof matching beauty with durability.
My favorite part of this watch is something that you can't see but that only I know is there. JORD allows you to customize your piece with a watch engraving of something intimate and unique on the back. Perfect for that special someone who is dear to your heart or simply having a cute reminder of something meaningful to you. This special touch makes an already unique watch even more special if you want my opinion.

If you’re loving the watch as much as I am, then you will love today's giveaway! You can be the lucky winner of a $100.00 OFF gift code to spend on a beautiful JORD watch of your choice. Though there can only be one winner, simply entering into this giveaway you will receive a 10% DISCOUNT to apply towards a purchase of your choice. Everybody wins.  I'd like to take an Oprah Winfrey moment to say, "you’re a winner, you’re a winner, and everyone is a winner!"
So enter the giveaway here by simply filling in your name, email address and your preferred watch. You can also check out their men’s watches and women’s watches.

Today’s blog post on Pardon the french girl is in partnership with JORD, but all opinions are my own.

On that note
Aurevoir bisous bisous
Sophia Tim

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