Friday, November 3, 2017

20 Black Montreal Youtubers You Should Know Exist!

Ari & Ela (English)

The Fitz-Patrick sisters are witch crafters when it come to hair, extensions, crochet.. You name it! You will learn plenty about the art of black hair if you follow their channel. Their positive attitude and talent is greatly appreciated by their subscribers. Plus, they can sing! The Fitzpatrick sisters will blow your mind!... Guaranteed!

Boucles Noires (French)

Johanna is one of the sweetest people I've met. On her channel, she shares her lock journey that she started over a year ago and she always has great advice while sharing her own personal experiences. She also started to share her favorite sport on her channel; pole fitness! Guys this thing is impressive.

C.Maeva101 (French)
Maeva is a hair lover that shares her journey on natural hair on her YouTube channel. Her beautiful crown will attract you but it's her adorable personality that will have you watching more and more!

Christine is known for her soothing voice and DIY videos. She has been on YouTube for over 5 years. I can say, with her channel having over 130 000 subscribers, she is an inspiration for all the black vloggers in Montreal.

Couronne Noire (French)
Vanessa loves everything about natural hair. She started a blog because she wanted to redefine beauty. Her channel is inspiring and creative. I love her platform because it forces you to think about the way beauty is defined is our society. She is also the initiator of the Blogger brunch which I have to say was one the most awesome things I did in 2017.

DMCMTL (English)
Danielle Shares her Lock journey on her channel. Her channel is aesthetically pleasing, very minimalist, the quality is fantastic and the content is rich. She is a graphic designer and her Instagram page is pretty incredible. Check out her work here!

Jasmine is a gorgeous natural hair vlogger and she also shares her hair journey on her channel Educated Natural. She wants to make sure she gives the natural hair girl around her enough knowledge so they can take care of their hair and love it just like she does hers.

Itskeexoxo (French)
Don't be fooled by her young age this girl learned makeup on her own using YouTube and now her skills will knock you out of your chair. I'm a little jealous, I'm not able to pull her makeup looks. She is adorable and I have no doubt that she will be the next big thing. You go girl!

KidCrayola (French)
If you need a little bit colour in your life this is the channel you need to go. No, run to! This Montrealer is fun, electrifying, and colourful. She makes videos mostly about hair and fashion where she tries on different items to help the plus-size community. My favourite videos from her are definitely her try on hauls.

Kyris Marie (English)
This beautiful Caribbean Montréal youtuber will impress you with the quality of her footage. You will die with laughter with her hilarious story times, her creativity and personality will force you to watch more and more of her. Plus, she is very tall and she is known for her “Tall-Girl” tested videos; that are extremely helpful for a lot of women. Well clearly not for me since I'm barely 5'2.. Also, you should definitely follow her on her weight loss journey. She is truly inspiring.

I know you probably read that name twice. Naila decided to change her name a few years back after receiving a few mean comments about her weight. What an awesome way to bounce back! Just like her channel name, Naila has no filter, she'll say what she thinks and stands by her convictions. I absolutely love her! Her videos are hilarious and real. Her videos also talk about alot of taboos and stigmas on overweight people or black people. She also played in the Quebecer show, "Trente-vies".

LVLAVIE (French, English, and Creole)
My most recent discovery! Laury Verdieu, this Haitian girl who was raised in Montreal will make you discover the wonders of Montreal through her eyes. I absolutely love the way she talks mixing English, French and Creole. If you were raised in Montreal, you will understand that it's pretty much how everyone talks. You will be charmed by her personality and energy. Oh and did I mention she is absolutely beautiful.

Milca Les Curls (French)
Her sweetness and her minimalistic vibe will totally charm you. She shares with her viewers everything she likes about hair and beauty. What I truly admire about her channel is her authenticity.

NaddBeauty (French)
Nadeige is a personal friend of mine. She is so sweet and genuine. Her fashion videos are amazing. Her style is fresh and fun but remains classy and elegant. She also makes videos about hair. Oh and she has an adorable daughter that is often featured in her videos.

Nica (English)

Don't be fooled by her sweet innocent voice in her videos, Nica's talents as a makeup artist will without a doubt impress you. She is gifted and she knows it and she will be serving you looks! She lives in the Montreal area and she also offers makeup and hair services so check her Instagram and book your next appointment!

Petite & Bold (French)
The famous Montreal blogger (Petite & Bold) Josiane Konate now has a YouTube channel! I'm sure I'm not the only one who can't wait to see the amazing content she is going to come up with. If you follow her Instagram or her Blog page, you know she has a certain aesthetic that is to die for. If you are looking for luxury and minimalism she is your girl. She has also recently relaunched her online store and it is stunning, but don't take my word for it. Go check it out yourself!... Like right now!... Go!

Sophia Tim (English and French)
What? You really thought I was not going to talk about my own channel!? Pffff. My channel is mostly about fashion and lifestyle I also talk a little about travelling. I started YouTube over a year ago. My subscribers see me as the girl next door and I really love that. I absolutely love interacting with my viewers.

Steve Daniel (English and French)
Steve Daniel is a Montreal Instagramer who just started a YouTube channel where he is making you discover the energy of Montreal through his perspective. Follow his Instagram to watch his instastories they are always exciting. He also has a blog. Check it out!

Esther Nelsa (French)
The queen in terms of natural hair. If you are starting your natural hair journey you need to subscribe to this channel! I recently purchased her e-book and that was one of the best investments in my life. Not only does she have beautiful hair but she actually knows what she is talking about. You can tell that she's done research and knows her stuff.

ZazouGlam (french)
This new youtuber is fun and colourful. People love her because of her "girl next door" vibe. She started her channel because she was often get asked a lot of questions on her colored hair and she thought she would share it on the YouTube platform for a larger amount of people instead of answering them one at a time.



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    1. You are welcome love! I truly love your channel!

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