Monday, July 16, 2018

Current Beauty Obsessions

As the seasons change, my skincare and makeup will definitely have to follow. Here is a small list of beauty products I'm currently going crazy over. 

1. Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleanser. 

          This product has been around for so long and there's a good reason for it! It's a simple cleanser but works absolute wonders!
The Neutrogena Deep Clean Facial Cleanser is a great and inexpensive buy. It really helped control my acne, and it keeps my skin glowing. I was surprised that it didn't dry out my skin like some other facial cleansers do. It's very gentle to the skin, and I will definitely be purchasing this again.
How do I use it? 
After removing my makeup with a makeup wipe, I wash my hands, rinse my face, and then I apply a small amount of cleanser on the tip of my finger and using a circular motion I cleanse down deep into my clogged pores and it just dissolve and clears out all the dirt, oil and the makeup from the day. 

Price: $11.50 CAN 

Where can you buy it? Drugstores, Walmart, Amazon, etc...

Con: They recently changed the formula and now there are weird gritty pieces in the soap, I personally don't like it and hope they bring it back to the original formula but it's still the best cleanser for my acne prone skin at the moment. 

2- Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick

          The biggest reason that this product made it to the list,  is that it literally stays on ALL FREAKING DAY! Seriously, it does not budge, or transfers and does not chunk up on your lips over time. It simply looks flawless even after 6 hours of application. 

The texture is a little bit tacky when you first apply it, but the feeling goes away after a little bit. And it has a nice applicator that has a pointy tip which makes applying precise and a breeze. I have it in three different colors; Amazonian70 (Perfect nude on me), Ruler80 and Pionner20 and I'm thinking of purchasing Heroine25 and Believer40.

Price: $10.00 Can 

Where can you buy it? Drugstores, Walmart, Amazon, jean-coutu etc..

Con: It dries up the lips a little when you apply it so make sure you exfoliate your lips and moisturize your lips before applying the product. 


3 - Caudalie Serum Vinoperfect Radiance serum 

          You guys know that I love me some drugstore products. What can I say? I just love saving my money. The first time I used the Caudalie serum it was because it was a free Sephora birthday gift sample that  I received in 2017. The little jar lasted 2 or 3 months and as much as I did not want to give credit to the serum for improving my skin (money saver denial) I couldn't ignore how glowing my skin was and how clear it looked. My hyper pigmentation around my mouth is way less noticeable and the dark spot almost gone. Miracle?... Yes! 
Price: $89.00 Can 

Where can You buy it? : Sephora, Caudalie

Con: Did you really need another con other than the price?

4-Maybelline concealer Fit Me

          My all-time favorite high-end concealer is the Creamy Radiant concealer by Nars and when I realized that Maybelline created a dupe for it I just had to try it out. The Packaging is very similar to the Nars concealer but it's a little bit smaller. The applicator is very different since it is also on the smaller side and little bit rougher in comparison to the Nars applicator. The formula is similar but not as thick as the original.  Which I think is great especially on the days where you don't think wearing an entire new face is a necessity. The product as a nice coverage and a great consistency, I love it and I love the price! You definitely can't go wrong with drugstore's prices. 
Price: $10.00 CAN 

Where Can you buy it? : Drugstores, Walmart, Amazon, jean-coutu etc...
Con: Maybelline should change the applicator it's a little rough and add a few more shades.

That's it for my current beauty obsessions. If you have a product that you are currently loving please let me know in the comments below. 

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